Why NTS?

It started when my uncle back in the early 90s gave us a Commodore 64. Then I got my hands on a 128. Then, I met my friend Ben who was doing amazing things with an 8086 with GW Basic. That was it. I was hooked.

By the mid 90s I had saved my pennies over a period of months and bought a 286 with a ginormous hard drive of 11mb. I bought a book on DOS and went through it page by page. I am not sure that I was even in high school yet. If I was, it was just barely. Over the next few years, I bought and built a 386, 486, and eventually a pentium. 

But then I fell in love with something else...My freshman year of high school (I think... too long ago) I took my first computer programming class on Pascal. Halfway the semester, the teacher put me on independant study.  

I then moved on to programming in C a few years later...and then C++...Java, Delphi, Visual Basic...ASP...Then I met another friend named Ben who told me about PHP, and I quickly moved into the web programming world in full force. 

One last boring detail about me. My interests have always been more than programming. I have over the years straddled the programming-designer canyon. Usually you are a programmer or a graphic designer, and the two don’t mix. Although I am only a so-so graphic designer, I have regularly served my customers with design services. 

So, it’s my hobby, playground, side-job, and my history.